What does a murder mystery or mystery event pack contain?

When you buy a murder mystery or mystery event pack from Murdering The Text, you aren’t only paying for a script. For the full MTT experience, you’ll also get:

  1. Directors Handbook: This explains how to organise one of our events, character histories and movements, details of the victim and the murderer, clue material (only available with some of our plays) and a sample deduction sheet.

  2. The Script.

  3. Performance Details Form: This is for you to return to us, giving details of your future performance for our records. We’re happy to publicise your production free of charge on our blog, Facebook page, Google+ and Twitter.

  4. Fundraising Sheet: Plenty of ideas for making even more money from your event.

  5. Receipt for your payment.

In addition to the above, we can also supply an additional murderer, should you wish to perform multiple shows.