Murder Mystery Event Packs






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A Brush, with Death

Set in the 1980s, the resident artist at Hotel Tarantella ruffles the feathers of, well, everyone. 6 female, 3 male

 A Show To Die For

An am dram cabaret night goes horribly awry. 4 female, 3 male and 3 other performers

Bad Fortune

A fortune telling party leads to a gruesome end for one of the guests. 5 female, 1 male

Bat in the Belfry

A chain of disasters ruins this village wedding. 5 female, 4 male, 3 teenagers (2 must be girls)

Bride and Doom

A waxworks museum hosts a wedding reception. 3 female, 4 male

Bringing Down The House

The church hall is for the chop. 5 female, 4 male

Dead Fit

Secrets come to the surface at Priscilla Vincente’s aerobics class. 6 female, 4 male

Death on the Wild Side

Disgruntled staff and secrets abound at the wildlife park. 5 female, 3 male

Festive Reapings

Trouble in Santa’s grotto. 5 female, 3 male


A hen weekend that nobody will forget. 7 female including 1 teenage

Off The Rails

There’s a new controller at Ardington Railway Station and no-one is happy about it. 5 female, 3 male

On Her Way Out

A team building weekend at an outward bound centre. 5 female, 2 male

The Blunt End

The school midsummer pageant doesn’t quite go to plan. 8 female, 7 male and other performers

The Blunt End (reduced cast)

5 female, 3 male

The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestickmaker

Second world war murder mystery. 5 female, 4 male, a girl, 2 or 3 customers

The Crossed Swords

Set in the 1960s in a country tavern. 5 female, 4 male

The Pecking Order

Will the Shed Club have to find a new hideaway? 5 female, 4 male

The Tangled Web

1950s murder mystery at the Hotel Tarantella. 5 female, 4 male, waiter or waitress

The Waxworks of Horror

Strange goings-on at the waxworks museum. 2 female, 3 male and a female customer

Also available in an ALL FEMALE CAST

Thoroughly Murdered Millie

Set in the 1920s, rich young widow Millie Harper-Smythe shocks her family (and the staff) with her plans for the future. 4 female, 2 male