Slay Bells

Doreen wins a sleuthing magazine competition. The prize is Christmas in a luxury lodge with her family. There’s a butler, a cook, even a chauffeur, but tempers fray as the family comes together and more than one secret will be revealed in this seasonsal murder mystery.


Set Furniture and Props

Sofas and armchairs for nine people 
Christmas tree and decorations 
Sideboard, table, dining table with chairs
Telephone and landscape painting 
Newspaper and walking stick 
Luggage for all the family
Crockery, cutlery, glasses and hip flask
Drinks cabinet and tray
Two mobile phones
Party popper 
Wedding and engagement ring 


7M, 8F.

Doreen Browning
Len Browning, her husband
Charlie Browning, their eldest son
Gemma Browning, his pregnant wife
Edward Browning, Charlie’s younger brother
Delia Hart, Doreen’s elder sister
Maurice Hart, her husband
Abby, Marie and Frances Hart, Maurice’s daughters, non identical triplets
Ruby and Albert Ingleworth, Doreen and Delia’s parents
Jeremy Kent, the butler
Emily Norris, the chef
Steve Price, the chauffeur

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