The traditional fairtytale with not two, but three ugly sisters for your money. This pantomime was originally written for a PTA group and performed by a mixed adult and child cast. 



Set Furniture and Props

Shopping bags and parcels
Basket of washing 
Star and invitations
Hand mirror, 2 fans, hairbrush and comb 
Hand held cooling fan
Cheese stool, normal stool and chair
Ugly Sisters’ bed 
Spider on a string and skeleton masks 
Needle and thread 
Pumpkin and Cinderella’s carriage 
Silverware and polishing cloth 
Cushion, broom and false leg
Bucket of confetti, and dog, cow and chicken masks


5M, 5F, pantomime horse and a chorus of mice, fairies, villagers, ball and wedding guests.

Lady Sheen, Cinderella’s stepmother
Windoleen, Zoflora and Vileda, Lady Sheen’s daughters
Buttons, their servant
Baron Pastit
Prince Charming, his son
Dandini, the prince’s man servant
Fairy Nuff, fairy godmother
Dettol the horse
Chorus (mice, fairies, villagers, ball and wedding guests)

Script Extract

Find out what our characters
have to say.



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