10 reasons to hold a murder mystery event

  1. A murder mystery evening can be highly profitable without incurring a massive outlay of costs or resources.

    Black curtains can be used as the backdrop (rather than going to the time and expense of creating a set) and our plays are written to keep costume and properties costs down too.

  2. Group members who haven’t been cast in your main productions can be involved in murder mystery evenings. That way the group won’t run the risk of losing them.

  3. It’s something different, which can be appealing in itself.

  4. It can be used as a way to stay in touch with your audience in between major productions.

  5. It can provide an opportunity for group members to try their hands at different skills – directing, production, or sound and lighting, for instance.

  6. It can be a way to interact with your local community in the form of sponsorship or perhaps a bar licence and supplies.

  7. A successful murder mystery evening can become a regular event in the am dram diary that your audience will look forward to each year.

  8. The evening can be themed around Hallowe’en, Christmas, a ladies’ night or anything else that would interest your audience.

    Alternatively, it can be based around your current wardrobe and props.

  9. We are happy to work with your group to alter an existing script to suit your cast and resources.

  10. Finally, if there are no plays in our catalogue to suit, we can write a completely new play for your group.